Great excitement as the “Les Enphants by IKKI” capsule collection hits stores in Shanghai and throughout China. 

It is our mission at IKKI to spread firstly, the wonder of this biodegradable fibre with its multiple benefits and secondly, the importance of supply chain integrity worldwide. We don’t believe this is exclusive to one manufacturing area rather we believe the supply chain worldwide needs to be taking steps to improve. The only way this can happen is if we as final consumers put higher demands on brands wherever they may produce. The world is one big supply chain of which we are a part. We can make better choices by buying less but buying better.

We were approached by Les Enphants, a Taiwanese brand for this collaboration with the intention of elevating the level and quality of products they provide. They, like us believe that consumer behaviour is changing dramatically in China with a focus on brand quality and the "why" behind a brand. We believe buying wool, a fully biodegradable product is a great way to change the consumer mind-set. With a small capsule collection launched only in the high-end Les Enphants stores throughout China, we hope to educate on the benefits that come with wool. The price range is higher than what this brand is used to. This too is an aim at changing consumer mind-set and focussing on quality rather than quantity.

We hope that this is the beginning of an ongoing relationship with the Chinese market. We know how important it is for parents all over the world to have access to the best products for their little ones.