Wishes from our Founder.

We would like to wish all our IKKI followers a Happy New Year as we prepare for 2019.

We start the year in great anticipation for what it holds for IKKI. We are excited for new collaborations and growth abroad. As we build and expand IKKI, we are continuously reminded to reflect on exactly what our mission is, the why behind the brand.  I am currently in Australia exploring development into this market and also to meet with the wool growers themselves to discuss the benefits of supply chain integrity. As we discuss and reflect however, I clearly see that the textile industry here and worldwide still has a widely negative impact on our environment and it is very obvious that a shift in consumer behavior must improve if we are to adjust the status quo. While we at IKKI are fully aware of our supply chain integrity, there are always areas that need improving. Two of these areas for us are packaging and finding better shipping solutions. On the product side we would love to run out our IKKI for Life Campaign in a more extensive way where we can be sure that while we are 100% biodegradable we are also recycling our products in the interim.

A big part of how we want to expand also means developing lasting and meaningful relationships with potential investors and partners who understand our vision and where we want to take the brand. Other areas that lie close to our hearts are education, the medical sector and also creating more tangible support for young parents. Here in Australia this is an area we are already connected to and taking steps towards assisting in.

We look forward to a fruitful 2019 and hope you will enjoy the journey with us by continuing to support us.