Wishing all our IKKI clients a wonderful and Happy Chinese New Year. May the Year of the Dog bring you much joy, peace and love. We look forward to another exciting year for IKKI. 


We hope that in this new year we may all become more conscious consumers and think about how what we buy influences the world around us. Let us try to think about whether when we are buying cheap, it really is cheaper in the long run. As we always say, if you are buying something for nothing, something or someone is losing out and in most cases it is our environment. 


We challenge you to question the supply chain and how and to what standards what you are buying has been made. Let us buy less but buy better. At IKKI we are fully commited to being involved in every step of the manufacturing process and in making sure what we make lives up to our core values. We believe in producing a product that is natural and fully biodegradable but at the same time we believe in acknowledging the mills we work with by paying a premium so that they can adhere to standards both locally and internationally. This should be the case no matter where you produce in the world. The integrity of supply chain and ultimately the safety of a product you buy is defined by the demands we put on it. Let's ask the questions.

Here is to a year where we all make better choices!

The IKKI Team